There is nothing more important than seeking professional help and guidance when it comes to your health. Too often, people self diagnose from a quick internet search and misinterpret their symptoms for a condition that is far from the truth. Many conditions, illnesses, and diseases will manifest similar symptoms, although they range in severity and frequency, making it nearly impossible to diagnose the problem without medical testing and analysis. There are considerable dangers to taking your health into your own hands, and self-medicating goes a step further in raising the potential for harm or fatality. If you are considering experimenting with medicinal cannabis, always prioritise the guidance and approval of a licensed medical practitioner to monitor your response and choose the appropriate treatment option for you. Prescriptions tailored to your needs will ensure you consume the correct amounts to ease symptoms and discomfort without encouraging potential side effects or potential overdose. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room and consult a cannabis doctor in Australia for professional medical advice.

Are Cannabinoid Medications Safe?

People will experience different reactions to any medication, and cannabis is no exception. In addition, cannabis is a powerful substance that will have severe effects on users when abused. Safety comes in by only consuming cannabinoids under medical supervision. This way, side effects can be monitored and managed, and dosages can be recalculated accordingly. It is essential to know that not everyone can use cannabis as a form of medication, and patients should only use it to treat ailments or illnesses that have scientific research to back them up. Available information around cannabis as a form of treatment includes the following conditions: chronic pain, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and sleep disorders. Unfortunately, there is insufficient scientific evidence for cannabis to be licensed as a medical therapy and should therefore only be used for experimental treatment under the supervision of a health practitioner.

Tips For Using Cannabis Safely

In societies where young adults are abusing the use of cannabis, many people form negative perceptions, which is why cannabis often has a bad rep. In addition, the side effects of cannabis abuse may lead to impaired cognitive function, causing incidents, accidents and injuries, which is why cannabis is an illegal substance in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop the production and consumption, leading to an illicit trade that may have you on the wrong side of the law. Along with impaired cognitive function, users run the risk of overdose, which could be fatal in extreme cases. Therefore, practising safe consumption under the regulations of a licensed practitioner ensures you are within the law and consuming cannabis in safe amounts. Practise these tips before, during and after cannabis use to ensure the utmost safety for yourself, and those around you:

  1. Never leave medication lying around – unintended ingestion of cannabis can cause harmful effects on both children and adults. Always store your medicines in a concealed place and out of the reach of children.
  2. Only use prescription medicine – medical evaluations will determine if you are a candidate who will benefit from cannabis medications, and doses will be tailored according to your specific needs. In addition, prescribed amounts will not lead to overconsumption, further protecting you from harmful effects and overdose.
  3. Never use medication that is not yours – using a medicine that is not prescribed for you may lead to severe implications and harmful interactions with other drugs you may have in your system. Always consult your medical practitioner before consuming other medicine.

There are noticeable benefits of cannabinoid medication, but it should not be heavily relied on as an extensive treatment plan. More accurate and definitive research is being done to further understand and accredit cannabis as a medical therapy, but until it has been approved and licensed, you should only use it with the understanding that it is an experimental drug.

Again, never obtain or consume unprescribed medication and always consult your medical practitioner before starting a new treatment option. For more information about cannabis doctors in Australia, contact us today to speak to our friendly staff.