We have a habit of taking our eyes for granted, but we don’t realize that eyes are also our greatest asset. People say that eyes are the window to the soul, and most people neglect the window and do not take adequate precautions to ensure they stay in good shape. 

Some of these mistakes are using expired eye drops, not using eye drops at all, sleeping with contact lenses, not choosing the right eye specialist in Abu Dhabi, etc. 

Today we will discuss these commonly made mistakes and some other eye care mistakes people make that you need to avoid at all costs for best results. 

1- Using expired eye drops or no eye drops at all

Most people don’t even know the eye drops have an expiry date. These eye drops are responsible for clearing out the bacterias and keeping our eyes in good condition for a long time. 

Since they do such crucial work, you must be sure that the ingredients in the eye drops have not gone bad.

Use the eye drops prescribed by the doctor, and you will see the best results. People have left-over eye drops because they do not use the drops as prescribed by the doctor. 

2- Sleeping with the contact lenses

Some newbies and veterans often make the mistake of sleeping with their lenses on. Sleeping with a lens is very harmful to the cornea, and it will cause you more harm in the future. 

When you wear the lens to bed, the cornea doesn’t get the oxygen it needs. Since the cornea is deprived of oxygen, bacteria will grow in the area, leading to infections. 

Even if you’re taking a small nap, always remove your lenses and then go to sleep, no matter how tired you’re. If, by chance, you fall asleep with your lens, use artificial tears to lubricate the lenses.

This will help you easily remove them, and the lens can be removed after 30 minutes. Hence professionals always recommend removing them before going to bed. 

3- Not choosing the right eye specialist in Abu Dhabi 

If you have any problem, it only makes sense to choose the right professional for the job, and how you choose your eye specialist in Abu Dhabi will decide your future diagnosis and treatment options. 

Professionals always recommend doing enough research about the professionals online before taking them to the hospital. You do not want to choose an inexperienced eye specialist in Abu Dhabi or someone who does not have good reviews online. 

However, you must not solely rely on the reviews. A couple of negative reviews are fine, but the eye specialist in Abu Dhabi should have maximum positive reviews about their services on several websites like Yelp and Google. 

4- Frequently touching and rubbing your eyes

Most people feel that rubbing and touching the eyes frequently won’t have any harmful effects. But that is not always the case. If you have any irritation, you must first close your eyes and gently rub the outside of the eye. 

If you rub harder, the blood vessels will break and might also lead to inflammation. Another big reason to not rub your eyes is that they have moist tissue that is well-protected by mucous membranes. 

This moist tissue collects dirt and germs, which is a great and one of the best places for the bacteria to grow. 

Final thoughts

We are trained subconsciously to depend on our sense of vision rather than other senses. Hence, protect your eyes and take care of them at all costs. You can contact one of the best eye specialists in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Sohaib Mustafa at Eye Surgeon.

Many people are coming forward to help others take care of their eyes. as poor eye health is a global issue. Tej Kohli eye foundation organizes cataract surgeries for free so that everyone has clear vision and healthy eyes.