A sex addict is someone who has the obsessive need to do sexual activities to get high. This is somewhat similar to someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Thus, sex addiction, the obsessive feeling that we’ll be discussing, mustn’t be puzzled with conditions such as obesity or pedophilia.

Sexual addiction can be highly dangerous for some individuals and cause major complexities in love relationships. Like anyone suffering from drug/alcohol addiction, there is the chance for a negative effect on an individual’s relationships.

Is sexual addiction common among people?

Sex addiction is quite common, as per numerous reports. This is a kind of fixation that is not analyzed many times.

There is a common conviction that anyone undergoing sexual addiction normally has multiple partners. But that’s not the case every time.

What Are the Reasons for Sexual Addiction?

Following are certain reasons that might be liable to make your partner sex addict:

1. The mental perspective

There are effects such as early life environmental factors like watching sexual content & its effect on the brain at a very young age. There are psychological wellness factors. Thus, if you suffer from depression or sadness, or personality disorders, these are problems that take place with sexual addiction.

2. Personal biology

From an individual point of view, you may discover a hereditary predisposition to having impulsive behavior or touching regulation behavior. Since you may anticipate, you can even have greater degrees of sexual hormones, such as estrogen or testosterone, that influence libido.

3. A social lens

Social loneliness is sometimes a major issue causing sex addiction, raising a person’s likelihood of searching for improper ways of being sexually satisfied. One more social aspect is social learning. Thus, in case you discover with a friend or a group of people that you know well that is highly sexual, and you discover with them. It can result in developing an addiction.

Handling a Partner Who Is a Sex Addict

It would be best to take your partner to rehab for sex addiction therapy. You can search for the best sex addict doctors to get the city’s most helpful sex addiction counseling.

Sex Addiction Types

Sex addiction can come in various types, such as masturbation or fantasy, pornography, masochistic behavior, prostitution, exhibition/voyeurism, etc.


That was everything related to sex addiction and its causes. Search for more info on sex addiction at its worst and for all the world to see.