The wedding day is the most important day to the bride and groom. A day that marks the beginning of a union meant to strengthen and cultivate the structure of partnership and family. As a result, parties work towards every little detail working out perfectly and memorably in a positive perspective. From the venue, décor and dining, to the attire, shoe and body. In the light of recent events, getting cosmetic surgery before your wedding has become a long term pre-wedding decision toward a tremendous wedding day.

Pre-wedding cosmetic preparations have been practiced by many, dating back to the first millennium BC where the Persians adorned themselves with beaded jewelry, perfumes, skin and hair products. Ancient Islamic beliefs and dressing such as the hijab restricted Persian girls from wearing certain jewelry and cosmetic products such as facial make-up. These were preserved for the bridal preparation custom where the bride-to-be facial hair was threaded, she was bathed in baths prepared with oils, scents and fragrances and adorned with henna on her hands and make-up on her face. The customs signified a transition into marriage life.

Pre-wedding Cosmetic Procedures

Pre-wedding body-based preparations still exist till date. Only that the procedures have undergone exceeding modifications and developments, meant to give long term rejuvenating results. Human beings strive for success in different ventures. Since the generation is aiming to achieve an ageless reality, the urge to maintain a young, proportional physique and outlook has led to cosmetic modification. Cosmetic procedures can be surgical or non-surgical. When planning for a pre-wedding procedure, one should generate a suitable time line, that offers ample time to heal and get the desired impression. Medically, it is advisable to provide a 12 months healing window for surgical procedures and a 6 months or less window for non-surgical ones.

Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

The procedures are available to both men and women. Some of the most common ones include:

Body contouring

The surgical procedure involves the process of sculpting the contour of one’s body to achieve a desired figure. Liposuction is a body contouring procedure which sucks out fats in pockets that have ineffectively been influenced by exercise and dieting. Lift procedures such as a tummy tucks and upper arm lifts get rid of excess skin and provides a firmer tissue and muscle form.

Breast enhancement

This form of enhancement may involve lift procedures for saggy, stretched breasts to attain a rather firm, youthful look and feel. Augmentation procedures provide a chance to reduce, enlarge or alter the breasts to suite the bride or groom’s preference.

Facial procedures

The facial structure and form varies from person to person and with age. Cosmetic procedures help enhance the face in various forms like face lifts and contouring so as to tighten the muscle and tissue to achieve a rather flawless and youthful look, blepharoplasty to raise and correct lazy or drooping eyelids and rhinoplasty to correct, contour or modify the nose.

Surgical procedures will make a future bride or groom to look and feel confident during the big day.