A foot and ankle specialist in Singapore, or podiatrist, specialises in treating disorders in those areas of your body. They have the training and credentials to diagnose illnesses, treat injuries, and perform surgeries. Given this information, you might be wondering when you should see one. Read this article for more information regarding these four signs you need to visit a podiatrist.

1. Excessive Pain

It should be clear that feeling some form of pain, especially if it is either a regular occurrence or a sudden and strong one, should be a cause for concern. Experiencing pain is an indication of something wrong with your body. If it lasts for several days, consider visiting a foot and ankle specialist as you may need to undergo plantar wart treatment or other procedures.

2. You Limp While Walking

Changes to your usual walking, such as limping, are clear signs of something bothering your feet or ankle. Your feet are responsible for ensuring you can walk. Any complications to it are not something you could dismiss. Head to a foot and ankle specialist immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.

3. Frequent Numbness

While feeling numb in your feet is not unusual in some situations, there are cases where it should alarm and prompt you to seek professional help. If it doesn’t disappear after a few seconds or minutes, you may want someone to check you for signs of an existing condition.

4. You Have Foot Conditions

Bunions, blisters, plantar fasciitis, and heel spur are some foot conditions that could cause immense pain. Even if your situation doesn’t bother or affect your daily life, consider seeing a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore before it worsens.

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