Cannabis has been a part of human experience for thousands of years. Robert Marley belonged to the Rastafarian movement, which views drug use as a sacred ritual and the opening of spiritual portals. Nevertheless, regardless of your spirituality or religious convictions, you are still allowed to smoke a joint for therapeutic or recreational purposes. In Canada, the drug was first made illegal in the 1920s until being legalized for medical use at the beginning of the new millennium. Since 2018, it is illegal to grow or sell marijuana in Canada for any reason.

Now that cannabis is legal, you may buy a range of products at the store. Even better, you can place direct orders for goods from our website and have them delivered to your home. Keep in mind that we only work with customers that are at least 19 years old. So what kinds of cannabis products does Match Box Cannabis sell? And what distinguishes them from each other? Let’s look into it.


Flowers are the most commonly used cannabis product. All they are are dried flower buds that can be crushed and smoked. Because of its versatility, this product is still the most often utilized kind of cannabis. The effects of smoking these flowers begin to manifest almost instantly and can linger for up to three hours. To consume cannabis flowers, you can employ any of the following methods:

  • Joints: To use this option, simply roll the ground flowers between a piece of smokable rolling paper.
  • Blunts: These are similar to joints, excluding the use of tobacco leaf papers. The additional burst of nicotine will benefit you. Blunts burn slower than joints because of the heavier rolling papers they include.
  • Pipe: For stoners, this is a popular portable smoking accessory. Simply put the ground cannabis flowers in the pipe and light it to smoke.

Water pipes, often known as bongs, are gadgets that let you filter smoke through water.

Prior Rolls

We also have pre-rolls in our dispensary in Toronto, ON. As you may have guessed, these are already rolled into a joint and ready to smoke. Visit our website to learn more about the many pre-rolls we provide, or contact a customer service agent.


Edibles are foods that have cannabis in them. People prefer edible cannabis products over smokable ones for a number of reasons. You can experience long-lasting advantages with cautious dosage management. Nonsmokers would likewise be grateful for this option.


Hash is the product of choice for people who like strong THC potency. Up to 90% of it is made up of THC. This suggests that in order to achieve the same high as flowering cannabis, a lot less hashish will be required. Ordering hash online and having it delivered to addresses in Toronto, York, Vaughan, and other cities is possible with our website.

Looking for high-quality cannabis in Canada? Match Box is your best bet when it comes to cannabis. We provide a large selection of cannabis products, including pre-rolls, edibles, flowers, and hash. Every product has benefits, so carefully consider them before choosing one.