Similar to its name Banana Kush strain smell like tasty and ripe bananas. It has a signature aroma that lures cannabis advocates. The strain has a variety of medicinal benefits and helps treat muscle disorders and mood disorders. The sedation effect of the strain helps in treating patients suffering from insomnia and anxiety.  It produces energy shots like no one other strain.

Origin of the strain

The Banana Kush strain is unique and easy to grow. The strain has its origin from the West Coast, and now due to its long-lasting effects, it has become popular in California and Colorado. The strain is a hybrid of two marijuana iconic seeds- Ghost OG Hybrid and Skunk Haze Hybrid. It is an Indica- Dominant Hybrid plant that contains most Indica strain and less of Sativa ratio.

The strain will relax your mind and box and create a motivational feeling that makes you happy and spirited. It creates creative outlets and positive effects in mind. It sparks imagination and innovation.

Aroma and flavor

As told earlier, the aroma and flavor mimic like a bundle of bananas, ready to be harvested.  The flavor is intense and smells earthy, but its taste creates an impact and offers the tongue a pleasant experience.

Wrap Up

If you are dealing with depression, anxiety or want to combat stress-induced pain and problems like insomnia, consuming the Banana cannabis weeds provide natural and therapeutic effects.  It is one of the popular strains available in various areas of the USA. It is highly recommended to give it a try if you are a cannabis lover. If you wish to plant the strain at home and enjoy its benefits, it is important to sow the seeds that give the finest flowers.  Turn to Seed Supreme Seed Bank. It offers excellent strains for experienced and first-time growers.