Eating a balanced diet is a significant challenge for many people. Using Canada’s Food Guide is a guarantee of good physical and mental health. On the other hand, it is more challenging to eat to absorb certain minerals or types of vitamins for some. The consumption of vitamin supplements then becomes a significant ally for maintaining good overall health.

For whom Vitamin Supplements are must

Supplied in different formats and a wide variety, vitamins are essential for some people. For example, a doctor may prescribe a folic acid supplement to pregnant women or those wishing to become pregnant to prevent malformations of the fetus. Breastfeeding women will also need a supplement during the breastfeeding period. Smokers and those on a strict diet will benefit from choosing the right vitamin supplement by consulting their doctor or a nutritional professional.

In the case of smokers, a supply of vitamin C is essential. Dieters with a very low-calorie intake should compensate for the lack of vitamins with a complete supplement. People 50 and over have a particular need to maintain good bone health with calcium, vitamin D, and B12 supplements for nerve balance and healthy red blood cells.

Are Vitamin Supplements Necessary!

People opting for a diet without any animal products (milk, egg, and fish) can supplement this diet if necessary according to their doctor’s recommendations. A well-balanced and supervised vegetarian diet, on the other hand, provides all the essential nutrients for a well-balanced diet. Healthy people with a varied and balanced diet do not need additional vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and supplements from Biogénique online vitamin shop guarantee good physical and mental health for these people and those who consume supplements prescribed according to their condition. Before consuming vitamin supplements, it is essential to question why we motivate ourselves to finish this product and discuss it beforehand with a doctor.


A vitamin intake is beneficial in cases of chronic fatigue ( anemia ), osteoporosis, and in times of intense stress. It is well known that great stress affects overall health by exhausting the body both physically and mentally. Following surgery, the doctor prescribes supplements to his patient to help him recover well during his recovery. Taking supplements is also beneficial for people with dairy intolerance. They provide a good supply of calcium and vitamin D. There are, of course, restrictions.

Conclusion: People on medication must consult their doctor before consuming vitamins. Some dietary supplements can counteract the effect of the medication. In cases of excessive consumption of vitamin C, stomach and intestinal problems can occur. Iron, vitamins A and D, calcium, and some other minerals become harmful to the body when taken in too much.