As we are moving forward in life and we are getting more and more advanced, our complexities in life are also growing. With this, there has been an increase in complications related to the feet and toes. While people generally take care of their upper body, the lower body and especially the toes and feet go unnoticed.

Due to this, some of the most common complications which can be seen in people is ingrown toenails. The scientific name of the ingrown toenail is onychocryptosis. This is a very painful condition. If this is not solved then the pain only increases to get worse. The best solution is to get to a podiatrist. The best podiatrist in Irvine for ingrown toenail laser treatment is Dr. Sima Soltani’s Podiatry office.

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About the ingrown toenail

When talking about the appearance, the ingrown toenail resembles a round bulge rash on the nail sides. The main issue is in the toenail which is the inside edge of the toe. It often gets infected and when it does, it causes severe pain.

Additionally, if this condition is left untreated, it can even drain. The nail takes an awkward curved shape.

This is because of the existence of the nail root under the skin.


Some of the most commonly known causes of the ingrown nail issue are:

1- Heredity – many people might just inherit the tendency of an ingrown nail from one or both of their parents.

2- Bad fitted or uncomfortable footwear – the footwear that you use has a great and dominant role in the health of your feet and toes. If your shoe or socks are too tight and are of the wrong size, then it serves as the breeding ground for ingrown toenails. Due to the sudden changes in their bodies, adolescents develop this issue most frequently.

3- Trauma – if you are one of those wild walkers who often stomp your feet, jam your toe or drop some weight on the toe or at least participate in activities which put repeated pressure on the toes, then you may develop ingrown toenails.

4- Improper trimming techniques – the most commonly known cause of ingrown toenails is cutting or trimming your nails too small. The reason for this is that when the nails are cut too small, it provides room for the skin to fold over the nails. This is why it is important that you cut the nails in the right size.

5- Pedicures – most women and some men go through regular pedicures. You must go to only an experienced and trained technician otherwise their naivety will lead to you getting an ingrown toenail.

6- Bad circulation – if you are an adult with a decreased level of arterial circulation, then you are more likely to have an ingrown toenail. Also, people with a history of diabetes, heart disease, or tobacco abuse might suffer from repeated ingrown toenails.

Treating Ingrown toenails

Depending on the nature and complexity, the ingrown toenail can be either treated at home or you will need a trained and experienced doctor.

Here are a few home remedies that you can try:

1- Soaking technique – one of the ways to get rid of the ingrown toenail is to soak it in warm water with some Epsom salt added to it. If you do not have Epsom salt, then you can add detergent also.

2- Remove it if no infection is there- once you have soaked it with warm water, the skin softens and the inflammation is reduced. You can now use clean nail-cutting tools to cut the area and later on, apply an antibiotic to the area.


If the ingrown toenail is painful or is showing signs of infection, then you should go to a doctor as soon as possible.