Almost every person can be a good candidate for Botox. You may be approved for Botox in Singapore if; you’re troubled by moderate to severe wrinkles on your face, you have good health, realistic expectations, and your wrinkles are located in regions Botox can treat.

The only issues that may make Botox not safe for you include; severe illness or infection, allergy to compounds Botox is formulated with, muscle or nerve disorders, and if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’ve decided to have Botox, Singapore may be one of the top cosmetic treatment destinations on your list.

The injections are approved for cosmetic treatments in Singapore by accredited facilities that are homes to some of the most skilled plastic surgeons. Besides, the costs of cosmetic treatments in Singapore are reasonable.

What Should I know when planning to get Botox Shots for the First Time?

It is natural to have several questions about Botox in Singapore if you’re considering having it for the first time. A good cosmetic doctor will be happy to respond to any concerns you may have about Botox. Nonetheless, it’s still worth it having some basic knowledge about this treatment. Here are the seven facts about Botox that could change your perception of this treatment.

  • Botox Injections doesn’t really Hurt

Botox shots don’t go too deep into your skin. Most people who have had Botox injections describe the experience minimal pain.

You will be treated with topical anesthetics before getting Botox shots to minimize potential discomfort. Nonetheless, this procedure is still less painful even if no anesthetics are used for your treatment.

  • Botox is Safe, but only if the Injections are Administered Correctly

When looking for the best cosmetic doctor for Botox in Singapore, your priority should be to work with a provider who has several years of experience. The plastic surgeon should also be board-certified.

This way, you will be sure that your provider has a good mastery of facial anatomy to administer the treatment only on the ideal points. Getting the treatments in the perfect locations on your face will help you get good results. It will also reduce the risks of getting complications like ptosis, which may occur if Botox affects your upper eyelid muscles.

  • There is no Perfect Age to Begin Botox

Age isn’t really a problem if you’re considering Botox in Singapore for the first time. This is because we all age differently.

Your doctor may approve you for Botox in Singapore even as early as in your early 20s. This will mostly be the practical if you’ve developed wrinkles or skin blemishes, causing problems for you but can be managed with Botox. Botox also preserves your skin and may be an excellent preventive measure against wrinkles that may develop on your face if you’re still young.

  • Botox doesn’t eliminate all the Wrinkles on your Face

When considering Botox in Singapore, it is important to have realistic expectations on the amount of change you can expect from this treatment. Even though Botox is a good treatment for wrinkles, it only eliminates wrinkles that form on your face due to expressions.

Ideally, it improves your appearance by relaxing these muscles. Therefore, if you’re bothered by ‘static wrinkles,’ the ones you can notice when looking at yourself in the mirror, then Botox may not be the best option for you. 

A qualified plastic surgeon will identify such wrinkles and recommend the most appropriate treatments for you. Laser therapy is a common treatment option that may work for you in such cases.

You should also know that Botox doesn’t actually pull the wrinkles off your face. As mentioned early, its active ingredient works by freezing your facial muscles so they do not continue contracting in ways that may make your wrinkles and lines deepen.

  • Botox is just a Brand Name

Botox may be a familiar name for beauty lovers, but it is just another type of neurotoxin you will find in the market. The other neurotoxins that the FDA approves for similar treatments include Jeuveau and Dysport.

They work the same way, but there are a few differences in how long the results may last and the amount of time you may need to wait before noticing changes on your skin. That also best explains the differences in pricing the treatments.

  • You may be forced to Adjust your Lifestyle after Botox

When consulting for Botox in Singapore, you can expect your plastic surgeon to ask if you smoke or drink alcohol. They will also want to know if you’re using any supplements.

Now, if you smoke or drink alcohol, you will need to stop at least one week before your treatment. Alcohol is discouraged for persons considering Botox because of its blood-thinning side effects.

It may make blood clotting a problem and increase your risks of bruising. Smoking is discouraged because it interferes with the healing process and increases risks of getting an infection.

For supplements, your plastic surgeon will want you to avoid any supplement that has blood-thinning effects. You may need to bring the supplement you’re using to your consultative appointment for the doctor to determine if it is one you should stop using.

In the same vein, you will also need to avoid anticoagulants. Ibuprofen and aspirin are some of the common medications you’ll need to lay off, as they may also increase your risks of bruising.

  • Botox isn’t a One-time Treatment

Botox is an effective anti-aging treatment, but it isn’t permanent. It will only cause a temporary relaxation to your muscles, implying that these effects will wear off with time.

After getting Botox in Singapore, you can expect the results from this treatment to last for about 3 or 6 months. This means that you should typically ready yourself for maintenance treatment after 3 to 6 months following your treatment.

It would also be best if you knew that the results from Botox injections aren’t instant. After your treatment, you may see the first results within 3 to 5 days. For it to work fully, you may need to be patient for about 7 to 10 days.

In Closing

Botox is an effective cosmetic treatment with results that may excite you if you have realistic expectations. Get in touch with us now to learn more about Botox and schedule a consultation if you fancy this treatment.


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