The human body goes through various changes during pregnancy. It alters itself to make way for the baby and ensure they are comfortable and nourished inside the womb. However, these changes could cause different health concerns for mums like you. You could experience urinary incontinence, separated recti muscles, and other medical issues during your gestation period.

Fortunately, healthcare professionals can help you manage and treat these conditions to keep you and your baby in the best shape possible. They can recommend diastasis recti exercises to assist your abdominal muscles in returning to their natural positions. But before building and following a workout routine with such activities, keep this guide in mind:

1.  Be Wary Of Unverified Workout Guides

Numerous websites post articles teaching women about exercises for divarication of recti. Avoid following them as much as possible without verifying their safety and accuracy. You will not want to create a workout routine that would do more harm than good to your body.

2.  Seek Expert Help

When looking for ways to treat your diastasis recti, it may be better to talk to a licensed healthcare professional than to rely on online articles. Visiting clinics would also help you address other medical concerns, like hypertension and urinary incontinence and receive appropriate treatment.

3.  Take It Slow

It can be tempting to work out multiple times a week to flatten your post partum belly ASAP, but you should consider taking time following diastasis recti exercises. Your body is still recovering from your pregnancy and delivery, and the last thing you need is complications from overworking yourself.

4.  Find Complementary Treatments

Whether you are getting diastasis recti or menopausal treatment, it may be ideal to have complementary remedies to promote your recovery. You could undergo therapy at a healthcare facility while following their exercise suggestions to cure your diastasis recti.

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