Although dark eye circles are not a medical problem, they are a usual symptom of someone who feels tired. However, there are other possible reasons why you have them, such as allergies, anaemia, smoking, and ageing. Fortunately, if you want to know some dark eye circles removal tips in Singapore, there are several ways you can go about it.

Although it is advisable to visit the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore that you can find, not every case of dark eye circles requires the skills and experience of a professional. There are home treatments available that are effective enough to solve the issue.

However, if you are experiencing dark eye circles, consider seeing a doctor for a medical examination, as you might have anaemia, dermatitis, and thyroid issues.

With that said, here are eight tips you can follow regarding dark eye circles removal in Singapore. Continue reading this article to know more.

Dark Eye Circles Removal in Singapore: 8 Tips You Can Do at Home

1. Get Enough Rest


When you have a busy life, you become familiar with stress and fatigue. Depending on your daily workload, you might expect dark eye circles to form. Fortunately, this first tip should be easy, provided you can allocate enough time.

Since fatigue is one of the most common causes why people seek dark eye circles removal in Singapore, spending enough time resting will solve your problem. Additionally, sleeping for several hours according to your age could also help alleviate it.

2. Elevate Your Head During Sleep

Aside from fatigue, you may experience dark eye circles if the blood vessels around your eyes swell. Fortunately, this issue fades as the day progresses. However, you might want to consider this next trick if there are no visible differences between your eyes before and after you wake up.

Raising your head with extra pillows while sleeping is an effective dark eye circles removal that can help keep blood away from your face for a long time. Doing this technique means less swelling and lighter colour under your eyes.

3. Apply a Cold Compress

Aside from adding more pillows before sleeping, a cold compress before you rest could help prevent blood from pooling in your eyes, which causes dark eye circles. This benefit occurs due to the temperature constricting the blood vessels in the area, reducing their appearance on your skin. Like the previous tip, a cold compress could also reduce swelling and lessen the dark colour near your eyes.

4. Avoid Sun Exposure


Unlike the benefits that cold could bring you regarding dark eye circles removal, exposure to sunlight can worsen the problem for some individuals. If you notice that UV radiation is making your issue worse, consider following some of the usual protection against the sun, such as wearing sunglasses, applying sunscreens, and using hats.

5. Use Some Tea Bags

If you have some tea bags at home that you aren’t drinking, they are an effective dark eye circles removal due to caffeine. When the compound makes contact with your eyes, it constricts your blood vessels and reduces their appearance on your skin.

Before you place them on your eyes, store them in your refrigerator for about 15 minutes to cool off. Afterwards, let them sit in your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.

Additionally, you can also use cucumber slices, which are effective against swelling caused by sleep, eczema, or allergies.

6. Buy Beauty Products

Aside from using cucumber slices, pillows, and cold compresses, you can also purchase beauty products online, such as retinoid, kojic, and arbutin creams, as a form of dark eye circles removal in Singapore.

Unlike the last two items, retinoid cream promotes collagen production, improving the overall appearance of your skin. Additionally, they decrease the melanin content in your skin, which is responsible for your skin colour.

On the other hand, kojic and arbutin creams disrupt melanin production. However, it is worth noting that these two products are only effective in small amounts. Excessive use may result in side effects like hyperpigmentation.

Therefore, before purchasing any cream products, ensure that you consult your healthcare professional regarding the proper usage. Otherwise, you might experience worse issues than your dark eye circles

7. Apply Makeup

Another possible dark eye circles removal you may try is makeup and concealers. Although they don’t technically eliminate your issue, it is a viable option when you’re in a rush to make your eyes look better.

However, remember to be careful when choosing which makeup products you’ll purchase. Depending on your case, you may not want to buy items with allergens that cause irritation or those that may worsen your issue, like mascara.

Additionally, be gentle when removing your makeup. Otherwise, you might damage your blood vessels and make your dark eye circles worse.

8. Stay Hydrated


Lastly, it shouldn’t be a surprise that drinking water is an effective dark eye circles removal technique. After all, dehydration causes cells to shrink, meaning your blood vessels are more visible if your skin lacks water.

Additionally, excessive intake of salt causes water retention, which leads to puffiness and the appearance of dark eye circles.


Although heading to the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore can provide dark eye circles removal surgery, there are plenty of alternatives you can use at a cheaper price. These eight tips and tricks are effective in managing the development of this condition.

Ideally, you should be following more than one of them. Otherwise, you might still experience dark eye circles since these eight tips don’t solve the same cause behind the problem.

To end this article, here is a quick recap to help you remember these eight tips regarding dark eye circles removal in Singapore:

First, getting enough rest can solve your fatigue, which is one of the usual reasons why you have dark eye circles.

Second, adding extra pillows to your head prevents blood from pooling under your eyes.

Third, applying a cold compress constricts the blood vessels near your eye, causing them to appear less conspicuous.

Fourth, refrain from exposing yourself to sunlight.

Fifth, tea bags containing caffeine also constrict the blood vessels near your eye, reducing their appearance on your skin.

Sixth, there are beauty products that improve your skin or reduce the melanin content in your skin. However, visit a medical professional before using them.

Seventh, applying makeup or concealers is a quick way to hide your dark eye circles.

Lastly, drinking water is an effective dark eye circles removal technique since it prevents cells from shrinkage, stopping your blood vessels from appearing more visible on your skin.

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