Dental management services support dental professionals and clinics to facilitate patient management. In particular, it makes it possible to obtain a clear and precise vision of the oral care performed or to communicate easily with the patient in a few clicks by e-mail or SMS. This category also includes management software packages needed to manage your dental practice: manage quotes and invoices, keep your accounts or manage your staff.

How it works?

There is no need to have any training to handle this new software for dental care. Configurable, the health software is a powerful and intuitive management tool that adapts to your needs. It has features segmented into two categories. First, those related to your medical activity, appointment management, the production of care sheets and their recording in the medical file of the said patient, etc.

Others are similar to those present in traditional ERP and allow you to manage your medical practice, quotes and invoices, accounting entry, purchase and inventory management, personnel management or administrative management.

A complete versatile tool

Added to this is a dashboard that allows you to observe the performance by activity of your practice: endodontic, implantology, dentistry, orthodontics, dental surgery, etc. You access the features of the software on its web interface via your computer, smart phone or tablet. These software solutions are scalable so as not to limit your possibilities. In a few clicks, your software for dental practice multiplies the functionalities to ensure solid and practical help in your daily life.

What are the main features of dental software?

There are different types of dental management services. It is important to do a serious selection in order to choose an IT solution that suits the specifics of your dental practice. The follow-up of the medical file of each patient is possible thanks to the document manager with the possibility of attaching treatment sheets, dental panoramic, X-ray documents or scanners. It has various sheets (prosthesis sheets, pathology, and oral dermatology). It is an online diary linked to online appointment booking sites.

Can you use the application on a tablet? It facilitates the reading of x-rays or allows information on the care provided and the treatments administered. Sending automated mail (reports, personalized mail or quotes) to reduce recurring tasks and establish fluid communication with your patients. Send radiology documents, photos or reports to one of your colleagues. The readability of your dashboards and the possibility of summarizing data on profitability, time management, waiting time or even the number of appointments depending on the type of dental care performed. You can dissect the data of your patient base and perhaps better target the prospecting of new patients. Many autoclaves are available to adapt to your operation. Prescriptions are present progressively in your patient’s medical file and ensure correspondence with a complete database and the risk of contraindications or allergies.

Who uses dental software?

All the professions represented within the dental health center use this software: dentist, dental assistant, dental surgeon, orthodontist, stomatologists, general practitioner, radiologist, etc. The dental care software developed by professionals from the medical community of each discipline meet the requirements of different dental practices.