Health is wealth. Everyone would agree that this statement is still accurate, even if Ralph Waldo Emerson originally said it in 1860. After all, no matter how wealthy you are, you can never buy a healthy body and make it yours. At the current medical technology and advancement, that is impossible to happen. The only way to remain healthy is to take good care of your health and get a health check up in Singapore every year.

When it comes to your health, you should always make time, no matter how busy you are. A day off at work so you can use your health screening package can help save your life. It might sound like an exaggeration, but health screening can detect potential health problems, even if you are not experiencing any symptoms.

14 Ways On How You Should Prepare For A Health Screening

1.  Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Having enough sleep does not only energise you, but it can also help manage your blood pressure. You should know that a lack of sleep can increase your blood pressure and heartbeat rate, and you can expect a bit of fluctuation in your body temperature.

2.  Go Fasting

Fasting refers to not eating and drinking water at least 8 to 10 hours before your health screening appointment. Otherwise, you will get your blood test and ultrasound for the abdomen and liver next time.

To make fasting easier, schedule your health check up in Singapore in the morning. That way, you can skip dinner and breakfast.

3.  Avoid Salty Or Fatty Foods

No matter how much you love to eat salty or fatty foods, they are not exactly good for your body if you eat too much. Nevertheless, these two can affect your cholesterol and blood pressure level.

To successfully manage your cholesterol and blood pressure level, do not eat salty and fatty foods for at least three days before your medical check up in Singapore.

4.  Do Not Drink Alcohol

Alcohol beverages are worse than water. Besides they are liquid, they contain alcohol that can increase blood pressure, blood sugar, fat levels, and more.

If you plan to exhaust your health screening package soon, remember not to drink alcohol at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

5.  Ask Primary Care Doctor About Your Medication

Whether you are taking medication for hypertension or something else, you should ask your primary care doctor if it will affect your health screening results.

Asking them ahead of time gives you ideas about what you should do.

6.  Ask Your Health Insurance Provider About Your Coverage

You should be aware that in Singapore, the majority of routine health checks are not covered by health insurance companies. Some health insurance plans, however, offer incentives for receiving a medical check up.

If you are unsure about your health coverage, you better contact your health insurance provider and ask. Doing so gives you some ideas about whether or not you will pay for the health screening package of your choice.

7.  Bring Medical Records


Another thing you need to do before your health screening appointment comes in Singapore is to gather your medical records and bring them with you to your scheduled medical check up.

Bringing your laboratory results, recent x-rays, and medication will help the doctors assess your health condition.

8.  Wear Loose Clothing

Wearing loose clothing is a good idea since doctors may allow you to wear them during x-rays. However, some health screening clinics in Singapore will ask their patients to change into their clinical gowns to ensure nothing will get in the way of the x-ray images.

9.  For Females, Inform The Staff If Your Are Menstruating

You should know that a urine test is not permitted when a woman is on her period. Otherwise, the urine samples will contain blood, leading to erroneous findings from your urine tests.

Doctors will advise female patients to return after seven days once the menstruation period ends. That is when they can continue what is left in their health screening package in Singapore.

10.              For Females, Avoid Applying Any Products In The Underarms And Chest Area

Even though applying beauty and skincare products on your underarms and chest area has become part of your daily routine, you should consider skipping them on the day of your health screening appointment since doing so might interfere with your mammogram.

11.              If Pregnant, Inform The Staff


No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, you have to inform the staff from the health screening facility about it. Remember that no matter how little the amount of radiation is and it only focuses on the chest area, your little one is much safer if you can get a mammogram six months after you have breastfed them.

12.              Be Punctual

Just ensure not to be late since every health screening clinic has a lot of patients to accommodate. If you miss your scheduled health screening appointment, you might not exhaust it and have to get another health screening package.

13.              Avoid Exercise

Exercising might be good for the body. But doing so can increase your blood pressure, which makes you unsuitable for a medical check up. If you plan to get a health screening in Singapore tomorrow, try not to exercise in the evening and the next day.

14.              Confirm Your Appointment Before Your Arrival

Letting the staff from a health screening facility know about your arrival will help them prepare for your scheduled health check up.

Take Good Care Of Your Well-Being By Getting A Health Check Up Yearly!

Even though there are many preparations you have to accomplish before your health screening appointment in Singapore, all your hard work will pay off since doing them can help you get more accurate results.

To remind yourself about your preparation, consider bookmarking this article so you can re-read them again. You may also share this with your peers if they are getting a medical check up in Singapore for the first time.

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