Playing sports is a fun activity, yet it can be risky for not trained people. Sports can lead to injuries and accidents, especially if not wearing protective gear. Common sports injuries are sprains, strains, swollen muscles, fractures, dislocation, and body pains. All of these can have a long-term effect on your overall physical health. Worse, you’ll diminish your productivity on a day to day life basis. If you’re an athlete or a person who leads an active lifestyle, it’s helpful to know some tips on managing injury with a sports injury clinic in Singapore.

If you know how to manage your injuries, you can lessen the impact on your health and learn how to recover your strength correctly. Continue reading the article to have better knowledge.

How to Prevent and Manage an Injury

Injury happens. It is also possible that it can occur at an unexpected time. No one can predict the time, after all. The best way to handle this is to prevent and manage an injury. It’s essential to have the proper knowledge of handling medical emergencies to avoid more health problems. To be more prepared, read this section for helpful tips.


1) Take A Break from Playing

An injury happened, and now you’re thinking if you could still play again in the future. Although there’s no guarantee that you can 100% recover, it’s better to focus on the present. Take a break from playing first, and give yourself time to rest and relax from the competitive industry of sports. Other than that, use this time to recuperate mentally and emotionally by visiting a sports injury clinic in Singapore where you can have treatments like vestibular physiotherapy.

Vestibular physiotherapy is an exercise-based program that enhances posture, mobility, and vertigo. While attending your therapy can also be the best time to take your mind off your worries.

2) Put Some Ice

Ice is one of the most accessible pain relievers. It can numb the injured area and reduce swelling. You can put ice immediately on the injured area for maximum effectiveness. Just ask your doctors from a sports injury clinic if you should use ice to do an injured area. Some only require five to ten minutes.

If you want to make an ice pack, here’s an easy guide:

  • Put an ice cube in a clean ice bag
  • Cover it with a towel before tapping it in the injured area (Remember: don’t put the ice pack directly on your skin)
  • Apply it to the injured area (Ask your doctor the recommended time)
  • Replace the ice pack after many usages

3) Compression

Another way to handle your injuries is to try the compression technique. You have to wrap the injured area with elastic bondage to do so. You may need to rewrap the bandage loosely to prevent tingling and pain if you feel uncomfortable. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can visit a sports injury clinic and let them teach you how to apply the compression technique. Finally, don’t forget to remove your elastic bandage before sleeping because it’s not recommendable to wear it overnight.

4) Elevating the Injured Part

Elevating the injured part can help reduce the swelling. It’s advisable to keep the injured part above the heart level. You must see an improvement within 24 or 36 hours. If not, it’s better to go to a sports injury clinic in Singapore to get professional treatments. This way, you can get the appropriate treatments your body needs.

5) Visiting a Doctor

If you want to manage your injury correctly, it’s advisable to visit a doctor in a sports injury clinic for professional treatments. There are treatments like physiotherapy, TMJ treatment, vestibular, etc. Your doctor will help you handle the injury to prevent it from worsening. The only thing you should do is look for a qualified doctor who can give you an accurate diagnosis and provide helpful medical advice. This way, you can recover from your injury and return to your daily routine.


1) Wear Some Protective Gears

Now that you’re fully recovered from your injury, it’s time for you to go back to playing again. That’s good news, but you need to be more careful now. You must wear protective gear like a helmet, eyewear, ankle braces, and knee cap. By doing this, you can prevent injuring your body that may permanently affect your body. Ensure that you have high-quality protective gear before joining any sports game.

If you want to find high-quality protective gear, you can ask a sports injury clinic if they sell pieces of equipment for their patients. If yes, you can buy from them for your safety.

2) Warming Up and Cooling Down

Tell your athletes or children to give importance to warming up and cooling down. It is because they have to prepare their bodies for extreme activity. You can warm up by doing static stretches like an inchworm and running in place for five minutes. After the game, you can cool down by doing specific times that target a particular muscle. You can also visit a clinic where you can have vestibular physiotherapy to improve your physical condition through massages after playing.

3) Make it a Habit to Visit a Doctor

Don’t forget to visit your doctor, including a vertigo specialist in Singapore, to check your overall health. You can also see an injury specialist that provides vestibular physiotherapy or TMJ treatment. This way, you can have a professional healthcare system that protects your health from deteriorating. Keep in mind that your health is your foundation as an athlete, so look after it and be successful.

4) Play Safely

Finally, don’t forget to play safely by following the rules and respecting your opponents. By doing so, you can protect yourself from injury and even avoid conflict with other teammates. If you’re a parent, always remind your child about the safety precautions they should remember for a safe sports game.

Your safety should always be your top priority, so learn how to prevent and manage your injury with Calibrate Health, a sports injury clinic in Singapore. Visit their website to know more about vestibular physiotherapy and TMJ treatment.