Soberlink is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring device that can be connected to a cell phone. Sends alerts to designated contacts and prompts the user to review every 15 minutes or 3 hours. The device works with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry smartphones. Its battery life is very long and it has a camera that can take pictures.

How the Device Works

A complete review of the alcohol monitoring device should include how well the product works for users. A review of Soberlink will tell you how reliable the device is. Includes features such as bug detection and auto-reporting. Soberlink reviews are also easy to use, portable, and accurate. It can determine how much a person drinks and how much. As a result, it is the simplest and most effective alcohol monitoring tool on the market. Soberlink devices are famous everywhere due to its reliability & have capacity to monitor all the tracking of photos in order to ensure the testing accuracy with perfect reliability.

Alcohol Monitor Can Help You Get on Track 

Soberlink is a complete alcohol monitoring tool. It helps parents to keep child custody agreements and record their alcohol abuse. If a parent drinks alcohol or smokes, he or she should use soberlink reviews so that the child is comfortable with both parents. In addition, the device can save the child’s safety. Soberlink is compatible with Verizon, so it is very simple and inexpensive.

A Complete Review of the Alcohol Monitoring Device is essential to ensure the success of the alcohol monitoring device. The soberlink reviews will help consumers make an informed decision about their best needs. The Soberlink Connect model allows users to contact their treatment providers and check again every 15 minutes until the patient reaches the required 0.0 BAC for compliance. However, this device does not include GSM Mobile Model.

Soberlink products

Soberlink is a complete alcohol monitoring tool. The company has two products – Soberlink Cellular Device and Soberlink Connect. The most popular of these devices is Soberlink Connect. Soberlink uses a fuel cell device that transmits data over a mobile network. 

Why Buy It?

Soberlink is recommended by thousands of medical providers to their clients. It can see the face and is approved by the FDA. It has automatic programming and is compatible with most cell phones. It has many useful features. Soberlink is a complete alcohol monitoring tool.