Balancing sexual health is very beneficial for the overall health of a person. However, different disorders can arise and disturb this balance. As part of sex therapy, the sex therapist suggests behavioral changes in order to adopt healthier attitudes in the face of various sexual problems.

During a consultation, the sex therapist performs a therapeutic analysis of a person’s sexual dynamics and the problem for which they are consulting. Her goal is to help her client achieve a more satisfying sex life. Choosing the sexual health clinic for a proper sex therapy is most essential here.

Fields of expertise

The sex therapist generally practices in private practice, in the health network or in a community organization. He can give consultations, teach his knowledge and participate in research in human sexology. It is in demand in schools at all levels (elementary, secondary, college and university).

The sex therapist is particularly present with community organizations, youth centers and accommodation centers. He also collaborates with other health professionals such as doctors, psychologists and social workers.

The sex therapist works with clients of all ages. Depending on the difficulties encountered, it provides knowledge and targeted means to help a person acquire a good understanding of their sexuality.

Problems encountered

The difficulties and disorders treated by the sex therapist are numerous. He is interested, among other things, in stress and anxiety related to sexual performance, lack of confidence and self-esteem in the face of sexuality, romantic break-up, emotional dependence, unhealthy jealousy. , the consequences of sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ), desire disorders, questions about sexual orientation, erectile disorder, sexual assault, etc.

All couples experience moments of disagreement about different aspects of life. The opposite would be rather unhealthy and could mean a certain submission, a fear of expressing oneself or a fear of breaking up the couple. Knowing how to communicate well makes it possible to discuss, exchange opinions and argue calmly and without accusation.

Without the presence of good communication in the couple, the expectations and needs of each are often ignored. The partners can then feel misunderstood and risk moving away little by little. The love you feel at the start of a relationship will slowly give way to dissatisfaction and a build-up of conflict, which can easily lead to a break-up.

It is important to mutually realize that it is normal to have differences of opinion. Both sides must accept this fact. Differences of opinion are normal and sometimes even desirable. The source of a conflict is often not in a difference of opinion, but in the way it is expressed.

An understanding of everyone’s needs

It is not always easy to express your expectations and needs. It is desirable to do this in a clear and precise manner so that the partner can fully understand them. The same goes for the needs of the other. Questioning each other in order to help each other express themselves and understand each other is a good way to avoid certain conflicts and to better understand the other.

Listening and respect for others

In order to avoid escalation in the presence of disagreement, issues should be discussed with respect and accepting that differences of opinion are normal. There’s no point in blaming or trying to change the other’s opinion. Better to show empathy and understanding.