Pragma is based on an advanced Fractional Erbium Laser System firing a non-ablative laser beam technology that acts on the skin by the microscopic laser beam. It produces tiny dots or pixel-like treatment zones with Max 400 dots in 4cm² density in the targeted area of the skin by leaving the other zones. Dot Density: 

It is completely safe, and high-effective skin surfacing as well as scars treatment with minimal downtime. 

The 1550nm Fractional erbium fiber laser treatment has bridged the gap between for both non-ablative as well as the ablative laser techniques.These techniques are very helpful to treat the acne, scars, sun-damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders, as well as on hands. It is a non-ablative fractional laser technology that does not harm or damage skin cells. The major advantage of this Fractional laser technology is you can get to see the result within a minimal period.

  • You can see the faster result in a short period without harming the skin’s surface 
  • This device’s energy is scattered in order to prevent the skin’s surface without overheating it.
  • This Pragma- 1550nm fractional erbium laser device is combined with neurotoxins and fillers.

The 1550nm laser beam technology fractionally scans the skin surface by forming the microscopic thermal zone. It won’t damage or heat the skin. This non-ablative laser works on the targeted cell tissues to improve the skin condition by increasing skin elasticity. 

 The advanced Pragma 1550nm fractional erbium laser technology offers deeper dermal laser treatment to the skin. The laser vaporizes helps the skin tissue surface in order to regenerative the natural skin cells. This laser does not damage the surrounding healthy skin tissue.

This is a scar-reduction treatment that helps to smoothen the skin by replacing the scarred cells with healthy cells. The fiber lasers are safe for all types of skins. 

Here are some functions of the 1550nm Fractional Erbium laser system for acne removal skin resurfacing

  1. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. It reduces hyperpigmentation on the skin like (darker pigment or brown patches)
  3. It reduces the age spots, blemishes, and melasma.
  4. It repairs the sun-damaged skin on the neck, face, shoulder as well as hand.
  5. Reduction of surgical scars, pores, and birthmarks.
  6. It’s completely safe for all skin types and anywhere on the body

Working Principle of Pragma-1550nm fractional erbium fiber laser device

The Pragma-1550nm fractional erbium fiber laser device works by presenting or producing multiple non-ablative microscopic laser beams. This treatment excludes or reduces the old damaged tissues epidermal cell which are known as the (outer layer of the skin) it remolds the collagen. 

Advantages of Pragma-1550nm fractional erbium fiber laser 

  1. Fast as well as convenient control
  2. Color screen
  3. Reliable and powerful laser
  4. Long-lasting result

Some unique features of the Pragma-1550nm fractional erbium fiber laser device

  1. It is a simple device to use because of this intelligent touchscreen interface so that doctors can use this device easily.
  2. In the Pragma-1550nm fractional erbium fiber laser device you can see the various scan modes from Square, Rectangle, Round, and Ellipse. 
  3. Here you can see that the two operation modes; random scan, and sequence scan modes. These different types of modes make the treatment more convenient.
  4. The dimension of the device is 45 cm x 49 cm 160cm

What is Pragma-1550nm fractional erbium fiber laser treatment used to treat?

Pragma-1550nm fractional erbium fiber laser treatment is used for the treatment of:

  • surgical scars, pores, and birthmarks
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Skin pigmentation

This fractional laser treatment can be used on any part of the body and it is safe for all types of skin too. It is also a benefit for stretch marks.

How does fractional erbium fiber laser exactly work?

The skin has total 3 (three) layers the epidermis which is known as the (uppermost layer), the dermis is the (middle layer) and the final one is the subcutis (lower layer). The upper layer of the skin contains pigment-producing cells which are commonly known as melanocytes. And, they are responsible for skin coloring. The dermis is made up of elastin fibers which provide strength to the skin.

As the body ages, the epidermis becomes thinner, so that patches, blemishes, or stains become more visible.

The fractional erbium fiber laser treatment works by targeting the epidermis which is known as the (uppermost layer), and the dermis is the (middle layer). It does by delivering the non-ablative laser beam which split into numerous microscopic beams, producing tiny in the selected targeted areas of the skin. It is known as MTZ (microthermal treatment zones. With this MTZ the old epidermal (upper layer) of the pigmented skin cells are expelled. By this, the new collagen formation happens. It helps to regain the youthful appearance of the skin.

It targets and treats the intensively within the damaged areas while other tissues remain healthy. This fractional erbium fiber laser result is much faster. 

Dansys Group has 13 years of experience in providing the leading medical equipment throughout the nation. This Pragma-advanced Fractional Laser System is an amazing FDA-approved device, it’s the safest and fastest diode as well as a very effective manner for all types of skin. 

Dansys made a reputed name in the market by providing the top grade non-ablative 1550nm fractional erbium laser device.

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