Reevaluating your insurance policy is a great way to cut down on monthly expenses. Ask for quotes from multiple companies. For the best deal, bundle all of your items together. Also, healthcare should be evaluated. Many families find that their monthly premiums for health insurance are too high. It is crucial to review your monthly expenses at least once every six months. Many people overpay. You can shop around, but you will end up paying more over time with traditional insurance. Or you can look into alternative to health insurance in American Fork. There are few alternatives to having health insurance, other than the lack of medical coverage. We know that this plan may not be feasible for everyone, and some people feel more secure if they have some type of coverage. Zenith Direct Care in American Fork is a clinic. Direct Primary Care is an alternative to traditional health insurance. There are several membership options available at the clinic. American Fork residents can pay a monthly fee to have unlimited access to their doctors, and receive prescriptions and lab tests. Switching to an alternate health plan can help you save money every month.

Alternative healthcare doesn’t accept regular insurance. They do not accept traditional insurance so they are able to spend as much time as they like with patients and communicate with them, even if they need to schedule an appointment. The physician and patient have direct contact. This healthcare model encourages transparency in pricing because doctors can see the exact cost of a treatment or test. Traditional hospitals have doctors that report to the insurance company what the patient needs in terms of medical assistance. This is because insurance companies decide what is important. They lack the knowledge and qualifications necessary to decide which tests or procedures are more important than others. Alternate coverage places the patient first.

Alternate care members can have unlimited visits per month. Usually, the cost is between $25 and $85 per visit. Hospitals are not covered by direct primary care. Insurance companies cannot dictate how doctors treat patients. The patient must decide what healthcare is important to you. Are you looking for affordable healthcare? Each family should evaluate their health and determine if Primary Care would be a good fit. Zenith Direct Care has two locations one near American Fork, Salt Lake City, Utah, and one in Saratoga Springs. For information and support, visit

Zenith Direct Care of American Fork offers four alternative health insurance, direct primary care memberships, based on the patient’s age. Each membership includes unlimited visits and is priced much lower than traditional health insurance.