Patwin is the best example of using automation in healthcare. Pathology equipment is used for performing analysis of the samples, which are then used for further diagnosis. Patwin is the most advanced system for microscope-based examination. It performs microscopic analysis of the sample which otherwise would have been performed by an expert pathologist. The fully automated system facilitates the process to ensure accuracy, precision, and security of the final result. Here, the idea of “Best Example” is used to position it as the best among others. It is telling that Pathology equipment is no less important than an MRI or CT Scanner since it focuses on Pathology equipment only.

This is a full Automation system of the Pathology lab using all digital equipment. All books and X-Ray, ECG, and monitoring machines are supported in software. Pathology labs equipped with this system can help patient treatment with full efficiency and reduce human errors as much as possible

The success of the Pathology department is dependent upon the productivity, quality, and accuracy of its technicians. The Pathology lab at Baptist Health System strives to maintain the utmost in quality and efficiency while providing a high level of service to all patients. One successful way that this was accomplished was by installing a series of automation products across their facilities. This equipment has been highly effective and efficient allowing for maximum quality results maximizing technician productivity. The equipment also has enabled pathologists to further maximize their daily caseload.

Automated Centrifuges, Microscopes, Microtomes, and Clinical Diagnostics equipment are just a few of the wares on display at Philips Healthcare area. Our laboratory equipment is designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of medical laboratories. From rapid immunoassay testing for point-of-care diagnostic purposes in hospital emergency rooms to molecular diagnostic equipment for analyzing cancer tissue, our expansive product line is sure to include equipment that meets your needs. Traceability and accountability are critical for quality healthcare and patient safety. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is the current solution for making certain that every pathology specimen extracted from a patient contains the required information from the requisition.

The most complete line of fixed and portable microtomes on the market. Our products are manufactured in compliance with global manufacturing standards, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485.

To support a move from volume to value, hospitals need to drive better population health management and prevention, manage costs effectively, and improve physician competitiveness.

Pathology and laboratory equipment are key components of the health system infrastructure that is needed to support new care models. Pathology Laboratory Equipment including Human blood centrifuge machine, Serology Equipment, Tumour Markers Detection, Flow cytometry systems, and Histological Staining Techniques, Lecture Halls for Pathology Students. All Necessary Pathology equipment is available at an affordable rate. Our Pathology Equipment is provided in a very hygienic manner and easily understandable way. Pathology equipment became an integral component of the modern health care system and in improving the quality of treatment to patients. The range of pathology equipment is grouped based on the applications for which they are designed to handle. Equipment includes Cytology, Hematology, Histology, Microscopes, and Ophthalmological science.

The best example of using automation in healthcare Pathology equipment: Pathology chairs, Autopsy tables, and cabinets, Receptacles. Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) will reduce most manual handling requirements. This will reduce the risk of Pathology staff picking up and moving heavy equipment which is a current point of risk. Utilizing the safe movement system, ASRS is recommended as it will improve staff safety and increase productivity. Pathology equipment is used to perform a variety of laboratory procedures. From blood collection to transporting specimens, biomedical vehicles and other medical instances require safe, dependable, and efficient hardware. With over 25 years of experience in the laboratory automation industry, we are the right partner to help you navigate this delicate process in all phases: design, development, industrialization, and mass production.

Pathology equipment discovers and reports illnesses (eg, cancer) by examining human tissue and infectious agents (eg, bacteria). These machines are highly automated. The Health-o-metre digital pathology scale provides all the benefits of a manual scale in a digital package. This compact and lightweight scale are perfect for use in tight spaces such as those found in doctor’s offices, hospital laboratories, or other small rooms. The flat, low profile design allows the scale to easily be placed under the carpet during routine cleaning and prevents excess bending to use. Our Pathology lab equipment is manufactured by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and is catering to the needs of all people whether you are in the lower segment of the market or upper segment; it is suitable for every economic stratum.

Pathology equipment is manufactured by an ISO-certified company. Pathology equipment like a microscope, blood centrifuge machine, counting machines, and other routine laboratory equipment. You can directly contact us if you are interested in this pathology equipment or send an email to, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible

Smiths Medical offers a comprehensive pathology instruments portfolio. These products range from sophisticated systems to hand-held instruments that are used in hospitals, clinical laboratories, and reference labs worldwide. Pathology Lab Equipment includes a range of lab instruments used to study bodily samples. Laboratory equipment by definition is any equipment used in the laboratory. It includes common general sciences as well as specialized equipment found in medical laboratories, research laboratories, and other scientific labs. The USA-based Pathology equipment is utilized all over the world to study body samples like blood, tissue slides, etc. to create digital images and slides.

The online pathology equipment store provides a range of pathology equipment including Histology Equipments, Haematology Equipment, Microbiology types of equipment, Mycology Equipment, Cytotechnology Equipments, Histotechny Equipments, Reproductive technology equipment, etc. It also offers a range of tools such as Autopsy tools, bone marrow aspiration needles, pregnancy test strip reagent kit, etc. The Pathology department is a very important feature of any hospital. In most centers, the jobs of several departments are concentrated in one place. The main tasks of pathologists are the examination and diagnosis of tissue samples, blood, and other material taken from the patient with the help of various laboratory methods.