Recovering from drug addiction can be a difficult journey that requires strong dedication from both the person facing addiction and their loved ones. The journey might have its challenges, but the end result will bring great satisfaction. Ongoing care plays a vital role in ensuring a successful recovery, even after completing detoxification and residential or inpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment is often seen as the best option, whether for part-time or full-time care. Supporting individuals in maintaining their daily routines without any disruptions is a crucial role that caregivers play. At Inner Voyage Recovery, we offer a variety of outpatient therapies, including PHP. They are always dedicated to your success and will go above and beyond to help you achieve it, no matter how much time they put in.

PHP is an acronym for Partial Hospitalization Program

It’s completely normal to have some reservations about living independently, even if you only require minimal guidance. PHP provides regular medical check-ups and treatments to prioritize your health and ensure your well-being. PHP utilizes a similar infrastructure to that of inpatient treatment facilities. This should only cause a slight disruption to your morning routine.

It’s worth noting that many people who are currently involved in PHP are still adjusting to their new routines. Keeping a close eye on their behavior is important to avoid any possible relapses. They don’t need inpatient care or a sober living center because their symptoms aren’t severe.

Services for Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Furthermore, the Inner Voyage Recovery Center offers this curriculum. IOP is different from PHP, mainly in terms of the time and effort required. Patients in the PHP program have the convenience of visiting the rehabilitation facility just once or twice a day for a duration of one to three hours.

Providing a level of structure is crucial for the comfort of IOP patients, as they generally have a higher level of adaptability. Patients are able to gradually reduce the number of visits they need as they make progress in the program, eventually transitioning to receiving all of their care in an outpatient setting.

The Outpatient Program (OP)

This option is perfect for individuals who have successfully completed all treatment cycles without any significant side effects. Just scheduling one or two weekly therapy sessions may be all they need. These discussions typically focus on the patient’s mental well-being, exploring whether it is a natural aspect of their illness or a motivating factor for their recovery.

After finishing residential treatment, a few individuals opt for outpatient therapy (OP), which usually involves multiple sessions to fully address their needs.

Which Program Would Be the Most Beneficial? Contact Inner Voyage Recovery Center Today

After conducting an assessment, the caring medical professionals at Inner Voyage Recovery Centre will provide you with their expert recommendations. Enrolling in their recovery programs will be met with a compassionate and empathetic approach aimed at assisting you in uncovering the root causes of your drug addiction. Our team will utilize a combination of therapy and dual diagnosis testing to address the intricate connection between drug use and mental health disorders.