Are you planning to travel abroad? Then you need to go through the RT PCR test in Delhi.

When the cases were at their peak during the second wave, there was a travel ban. But now the COVID cases have come down in the nation, many countries have opened their gates for Indian tourists.

Several countries have loosened travel restrictions for travellers departing from this location. However, every country has its guidelines for travellers, such as citizens of Dubai in India, who can only return if they have received the requisite authorization from the GDRFA and can present a clean COVID-19 test record.

So travellers must take the RT PCR test in Delhi if they are planning to visit another country. Here in this blogger, we will name out the country that has lifted its travel ban from India.

List of Countries You Can Travel to From India

The countries which have opened the gate for travellers from India as of now are:

1. The USA

The US government intends to loosen travel bans relating to COVID in 33 countries which includes India too. While a government has not yet decided which vaccinations would be approved in the United States, visitors would still have to provide a negative Covid PCR analysis. So if you are planning to travel to the USA, then you need to take an RT PCR test in Delhi. However, the test should be done three days before the departure date, and the one has only been lifted for students who want to fly into the United States for the start of the autumn semester.

2. Thailand

The second country which has allowed Indians to visit their nation is Thailand. The Thailand Embassy has released the official statement about issuing students, working professionals, and Thailand residents. However, tourists need to wait.

3. Germany

The third country that has lifted India’s travel ban in Germany, but they haven’t shared the guidelines about visiting the nation.

4. The UK

Further, those planning to travel to the UK need to know that you have to go through the testing and quarantine requirements of the nation, even if you are fully or partially vaccinated.

5. UAE

The country which has shown some relaxation to India is UAE. All Indian visitors, whether tourists or not, can visit the UAE by undergoing some simplified procedures.

6. Italy

For those who are planning to travel to Italy, we have some good news for you. The country has approved the Covishield vaccination. Those who are completely jabbed from Covishield can now travel to Italy.

7. Spain

Spain has opened its doors to Indian tourists. Travellers from India must meet certain standards to fly to Spain. Indian travellers must be completely vaccinated from Covishield, and minors are exempt from showing these or any related documents. However, you must have to apply for a Spanish or Schengen visa.

8. Nepal

Another country where you don’t have to go through quarantine if you are fully vaccinated is Nepal. All you need is to fill out the visa-on-arrival for international travellers form if you plan to travel to Nepal.

9. Canada

The other country that has opened the gate for commercial passenger flights from India is Canada. So if you are planning to visit Canada, then you need to take an RT PCR test in Delhi. However, you need to present a negative RT-PCR test report 18 hours before boarding.

10. Turkey

If you are fully vaccinated, you don’t have to go through the 14-day quarantine procedure if you plan to fly to Turkey. The Turkey embassy itself releases the statement.

11. Kenya

Lastly, Kenya has also lifted the travelling ban from India.

These all are the countries that have shown some relaxation to Indian travellers. However, it is a must for you to have your RT-PCR test done if you are planning to travel to these countries.