AI-Based Medical Data Analysis Solution Service

FRONTEO Healthcare's AI (artificial intelligence)-based technology is capable of acquiring the tacit knowledge of people and using it to predict behavior. We intend to expand the application of this technology in the medical industry as quickly as possible, use data analysis to help people around the world to receive the best healthcare services, and pave the way to a healthier, more secure future.

Support services for the analysis of clinical trial information

Our AI-based technology, which absorbs the tacit knowledge of physicians, reads freely written entries in examination records and brings new objectivity to the evaluation of new drugs. By combining this technology with conventional quantitative/structured data analysis, it is possible to make the evaluation of pharmaceuticals even more precise. Using our sophisticated AI technology, we will find new value in pharmaceuticals, as well as contribute to all involved in healthcare work.

Data analysis services for improving in-hospital environments (AI-based system to mitigate patient's risk of falling)

FRONTEO Healthcare's AI can be used to analyze reports of incidents that occur inside hospitals, including data on patient conditions in electronic folders, as well as the text data of free comments found in daily records of examination and treatment. This allows calculating the risk of falls faced by the hospital's patients. In light of projections regarding accidents involving falls and a variety of other potential risks internal to healthcare institutions, we are able to detect symptoms that are signs of adverse events, which has previously been left to the experience and intuition of nurses in the workplace, from electronic medical records in an accurate, rapid and continuous fashion. In this way, FRONTEO Healthcare's AI can identify those patients that are at a high risk of falling and thus especially in need of nursing care, contribute to reducing unexpected adverse events, and provide reliable support for the work of medical staff.
Introducing a system for appropriately evaluating and sharing the collective expertise of healthcare workers will create better hospital environments, and increasing the time of interactions between the nurses and the patients will allow placing greater focus, as should be done, on the care of each individual patient.

Pharmacovigilance services

With the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacovigilance continues to grow in importance. While accurate and prompt responses are required for pharmacovigilance, the processing of text data, which includes reports filed in a variety of formats, proves time-consuming in practice, and there have been many instances in which important elements were overlooked. Using FRONTEO Healthcare's AI enables the resolution of such issues faced in clinical practice through the analysis of text data. With the aim of making pharmacovigilance work significantly more efficient and higher quality, we will contribute to the management of safety information for pharmaceuticals.

Health care information services

Comprehensive health screenings discover symptoms before they become apparent. An extremely large number of institutions offer comprehensive health screenings, and many people become confused over what to use as a baseline when undergoing a screening for the first time. FRONTEO Healthcare's AI proposes the best healthcare institution and screening plan based on reviews and behavior of people who have received a comprehensive health screening at a healthcare institution in the past in combination with the data accumulated by the institutions.

Planned launch in February 2015: YOUR SCREENING - Health screening reservation website

A new challenge: Using AI to tackle big data in healthcare Drawing on and using experts' tacit knowledge

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Company name FRONTEO Healthcare, Inc.
Date of foundation April 16, 2015
Capital amount JPY 327,000 thousand (At the date of February 1, 2017)
Senior management
  • Executive Chairman: Masahiro Morimoto
  • Chief Executive Officer: Kuniko Nishikawa
  • Director: Naritomo Ikeue
  • Director: Hideki Takeda
  • Director: Takuji Kurio
  • Auditor: Tomohiro Uesugi
Business contents
  • Clinical trial information analysis support service
  • Data analysis service to improve the in-hospital environment
  • Pharmacovigilance service
  • Health care information services
  • Other healthcare-related information analysis businesses
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