Platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatment is gaining huge fame these days. More and more people are demanding to get a PRPR, this increase in demand can be attributed to the famous celebrities like Ronaldo getting PRP treatment for their injuries and their fast recovery. PRP injections have become common in athletes these days. 

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The working of Platelet-rich plasma treatment- 

The process starts with taking a small sample of your blood. This sample is then made subject to centrifuge at a very high speed. This motion separates the platelets from your blood. These separated platelets are then injected into that area of your body where you are feeling pain or are dealing with an injury. The PRP is also beneficial for other maladies like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, etc. 

Benefits of PRP treatment- 

PRP treatment uses injections that are rich in the concentrated volume of platelets from your blood. This elixir has magical healing powers because when we get hurt on our body, it is the platelets that come to fix the damage. After an exhaustive amount of research being conducted on PRP therapy, many benefits can be attributed to it, such as:

1- Reduction of inflammation in the body.

2- Rebuilding of the new tissues in the body.

3- Prevention of breakdown of the healthy tissues from your body.

4- Initiating the regeneration of blood vessels. 

What all conditions can be treated by PRP?

PRP is an innovative method to treat multiple maladies, such as:

1- Injuries– No matter that the injury is a sports injury or damage after getting a surgery done. PRP treatment is widely beneficial for repairing tissues, joints and muscle injuries or any other kind of damage. 

2- Hair loss– Researches have projected that the PRP treatment is effective against male pattern baldness. The rich platelet solution is injected into the scalp. This stops hair loss and prevents any future hair fall. 

3- Facelifts– Also known as vampire facelifts, PRP facelifts stimulate the promotion of healthy skin. 

4- Erectile dysfunction– In today’s stressful life, the majority of men face erectile dysfunction in their life. This leads to impotency. The simple solution to this problem is PRP therapy which induces the growth of collage and new blood vessels in your penis. This is an effective treatment against ED. 


PRP is an emerging field of treatment. If you want to hone your skills into it, you must get a certified course that teaches you in great depth.