Delta gummies are a fairly new product on the market of legal bud. They have been hitting shelves in the past few months and have been flying off.

This article is going to detail what Delta 8 Gummies are, how they work on your body, and why they’re better than other products on the market today.

Delta 8THC gummy bears are not cooked or baked with THC oil like many of the competitors that you may see at your local dispensary or head shop. They start off as a sugar syrup type mixture using no ingredients besides THC Distillate Oil. This allows for a very accurate dosage every time with a consistent taste and product quality each you purchase them from your dispensary.

THC Gummy bears are made using Delta 8 THC distillate oil which is a very clean and pure form of THC with no binders or filler chemicals. There are two strengths available in the gummies, 100mg per bag containing 10 candy treats, along with 200mg per bag containing 5 candies. The dosage will vary depending on how many you eat at once, but one is usually considered to be enough to get someone feeling stoned. It works much faster than edibles that have been cooked where most of the THC has already decayed away in the cooking process. This is due to it being absorbed more directly into your body through your mouth in comparison to eating it with food which may take longer for its effects to kick in.

Are Delta 8 gummies safe? If you have a high tolerance, eating 2-3 of them should be enough to get your desired effects. It will hit a lot harder than smoking a joint or hitting a vape pen but can go away really quick if you eat too much, so it is recommended that you start off any edible experience with 1 before eating more. If the experience was not what you expected, maybe try other methods of delivery such as smoking , vaping, or using other edibles that have been cooked into food.

One way people recommend using them is to take them about 20 minutes before bed time and then lie down and watch some TV until falling asleep. You can also use them in smaller doses for daytime relief from things like chronic pain or stress, which we’ll cover in another article.

Delta 8THC Gummies are made by Club 8 Compassionate Care located in Morro Bay, Ca. where medical marijuana has been legal for over 20 years . They stand behind the quality of their product and offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason.