Infertility is a rising concern and the ratio will actually make humans extinct in this world one day. Apart from speaking about the global conservative, the major struggle a couple will face in society without having a baby after many years of their marriage. It affects a person in a more emotional, physical and psychological way. Usually, these couples will start their treatment and some people would get conceived naturally, but for those who these treatments won’t work at all, they become a failure. With the evolution of technology there a lot more things happening in this world, this leads to Assisted reproductive technology (ART), including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), in which a procedure is carried out where both eggs and sperm are fertilized in the best IVF in Delhi and the eggs are injected back to the woman’s body to get conceive.

Process of IVF

In this process, the egg is collected from the women before their ovulation process and it is taken to the laboratory where it is met with the sperm and gets fertilized. After a few days of fertilization, it starts dividing into the embryo. Once the embryo is divided it is tested and then it is injected back into the woman’s body. This process usually takes place until the woman gets conceived. This process is usually carried out at the best ivf centre in Delhi NCR, when men have a less sperm count or the fallopian tubes of the women is weak or the production of the egg is inconsistent.

IVF Fast Facts

According to the report by the U.S. Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology in 2017, about 1 million babies were born in the U.S between 1987 and 2015 were through IVF. At these stats keeps growing even more. Assisted reproductive technologies were used in which they use an egg donor, sperm donor or adopted embryo to conceive a baby.

Age is also an important factor for a successful delivery rate, about 21.3% of women who is younger than 35 years of age gives a normal birthrate using the saved embryos according to the report released by a hospital in the USA in 2015.

After the age of 35, there might be a chance of getting a miscarriage a lot, so the above percentage has been decreased to 17% for those people who have aged between 35 to 37 years. And even the risk factor is more for those people whose age is more than 40 years, the success rate even falls below 10percent.

According to the other survey, the cost of the IVF treatment usually costs between $10,000 and $15,000 and it will even cover on the insurance packages. Even the IVF treatment cost in Delhi varies and that depends on the hospital you choose. Some may even offer discounts for certain treatments you can make use of them.

In the grown countries, about 1 to 2% of births done in a year were through IVF and these stats will grow in the future. And obviously, there will be a baby for each family.