Your teeth deserve the care and attention you give to your other body parts. They are entitled to regular cleaning and frequent visits to a pediatric or adult dentist in Singapore since they help you break down food that nourishes your organs and satisfies your cravings. They also let you greet your loved ones with a pleasant smile and allow you to communicate your other emotions. Without them

But like all body parts, your teeth can encounter issues that may affect their appearance and functionality. They may chip, loosen, or fall off due to injuries or illnesses like tooth decay, periodontitis, or root infection. Fortunately, you now have various treatment options to address your teeth problems—and dental implant procedures are among those remedies.

A dental implant in Singapore is a prosthetic or artificial device that gets attached to the patient’s jawbone through surgery. This prosthesis fills the gaps between teeth to protect an individual from bone loss—which can lead to other concerns.

Scroll through to learn about the four signs indicating your need for a dental implant to address your teeth issues.

1. You Are Missing A Tooth Or Two

Your teeth can fall off after an accident or a severe dental problem. Your dentist may also extract them if they think it would benefit your health. But instead of letting your mouth have sparse teeth, which could cause serious complications, you should get a dental implant.

2. You Feel Unsatisfied With Your Dentures Or Bridges

Like clear aligners in  Singapore, dentures and dental bridges are not for everyone. Many find them bothersome and painful, causing them to refuse to wear these prosthetic devices. You can get a dental implant if you are not keen on using bridges and dentures.

3. You Want Natural-Looking Teeth

Dental implants are like invisible braces in Singapore—inconspicuous and look like natural teeth. Unlike bridges or dentures, they do not look like fake teeth that do not match your gum and teeth’s natural colour.

4. You Are Looking For A Long-Term Teeth Replacement Solution

Getting dental implants means having fake teeth that last more than two decades. Unlike dentures and bridges that can only be of service for seven to ten years, your implants will last quite a while—allowing you to save money and use it for other dental care services like scaling and polishing.

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