Stoma care is very crucial for people with an ostomy. Without proper stoma care, their colostomy bag may leak and emit gas. But the worst of it all is infection. Having infections near the stoma is uncomfortable, irritating, and a health hazard.

Here are some ways to reduce the risk of ostomy infections:

  1. Wear a proper fitting colostomy bag

When a person wears an ill-fitting colostomy bag, especially the tighter or smaller than their stoma size, there is a high chance that the bag could nick the stoma and cause bleeding.

The key is to wear a proper fitting colostomy bag. The bag should never touch or nick the stoma when the person is standing, lying down, and sitting, which makes the stomach crease.

  1. Let the skin breathe.

It is a crucial part of stoma care to change the colostomy bag regularly. Not only is it hygienic and prevents liquid and gas leakage, but it also allows the skin surrounding the stoma to breathe. Wearing the pouch and barrier for too long may irritate the skin and cause blisters.

  1. Be careful when removing the barrier.

Another way to trigger skin irritation and eventually wounds in the skin is removing the barrier forcefully. Removing barriers with strong adhesive may peel the skin off and cause scrapes. If it happens, you must use sterile wound dressing for healing.

Be gentle when removing the barrier, and using a barrier cream provides protection to the skin.

  1. Gentle cleaning

Avoid harsh soaps, creams, and ointments when cleaning the skin surrounding your stoma. It could easily cause irritation and blisters on the skin, leading to infection if neglected.

Stoma care prefers plain water, gentle soap, and mild rubbing when cleaning the skin.

  1. Don’t leave your colostomy bag full.

Generally, when the colostomy bag is full, it is heavier. Due to gravity, extra weight pulls the barrier off the skin, which could scrape the skin.

Try these stoma care tips; you will never have to worry about infections.

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