It is perfectly normal to have a ‘post-pandemic revenge travel’ or something that excites you after storing your passport inside the cupboard for more than two years. Things might seem more difficult given the border restrictions and the changing society. Here are some helpful tips for people wearing a hearing aid with a couple of accessories when travelling:

  1. Visit the hearing centre of your choice in Singapore to plan things out. Talk to your doctor about the necessary arrangements, consult about your current health and vital signs, and perform tests if required. Doing this helps you keep tabs on your health because it is constantly changing, and your hearing condition might have worsened or improved over time. Lastly, you can also tell them the activities you plan to take during the vacation.
  2. Take a hearing impairment test regardless of the severity of your case. Why? Think of the consequences of not knowing your hearing worsened through time or you are already using the incorrect device because things changed. Do this days or weeks before your intended departure date. (Tip: Schedule these things accordingly so you would not have to suffer from a hectic day.)
  3. Consult with your medical insurance partners if they have appropriate plans for you. Take note of your disability, so there is a need for you to get separate medical insurance (on top of your traveller’s) or something different that caters to your needs as a person. Another would be knowing the methods of claiming because anything can happen during your trip.
  4. Notify the airline company if the doctor requires you to do this. Why? You might have special needs, such as assistance because of your hearing loss in Singapore or other requests that help you get by. Call the appropriate customer representative for these things.

Take a hearing test in Singapore before your departure date, and trust the services of The Hearing Solution Group. Visit their website to learn more.