If you have something wrong with your feet, ankles or lower legs then you might need to see a podiatrist Ivanhoe Parade or close to you, or ask a doctor about seeing a specialist. If it is just regular aches and pains from a hike or being on your feet all day that is normal and does not need specialist care. But beyond those regular niggles you might need a specialist to take a closer look at your problem. Here are some of the more common reasons people ask to see a podiatrist or their doctors refer them for.

Problems a podiatrist might see

There are a lot of problems that affect the ankles, feet and lower limbs so the following are just four of the more common things they will see and treat. If your problem is not on the list it does not mean they will not treat you. Talk to your doctor or give your local podiatrist a call.

1) Your arch is disappearing – If you find you have flat feet and your arch is suddenly disappearing this could be from a ruptured tendon. While it is the case that some people have flat feet naturally, most have a slight arch and if that once arched foot is now flatter this is something you need to investigate. An East Ivanhoe podiatry professional is the best option to check into this because of it is not there can be more serious complications later on.

2) Pain that worsens standing and walking – Some conditions such as Achilles tendonitis cause a lot of pain when you try to stand and even more so trying to walk. That pain would be more intense walking when you have just woken up, and getting up after a long time of sitting down. Achilles tendonitis is caused by inflammation of the tendon and it could be an indicator of other issues so needs checking.

3) Numbness in your feet – A lot of diabetics see podiatrists because one of the big things that happen with that condition is various issues with the feet with numbness being a very common issue. Some also experience tingling. It is called Neuropathy and is from nerve damage. While all podiatrists can look at and treat diabetic foot problems, there are some experts who specialise in just that.

4) One or both feet changing in colour – Your feet should both be the same colour. If one changes or both change then you need to head to an East Ivanhoe podiatry specialist. Feet that are a shade darker or more indicate there is a problem with your circulation and hat might mean an infection or gout especially if there is redness and they are hard when you touch them.


A great podiatrist can help you with any of the issues above and more. Just research your options, talk to your GP about your problems and see if they recommend a specialist. Try to find someone local. A local podiatrist Ivanhoe Parade or where you are means you are more likely to visit and keep up with looking after your feet.