Anxiety is intense, heightened, and daily worrying and feeling fearful about daily situations. Symptoms of anxiety may include a fast heartbeat, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired. Anxiety counseling services moline il offers various treatment options such as psychoanalysis, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, humanistic therapy, and integrative or holistic therapy.

For some, cognitive behavioral therapy is the most widely used therapy for anxiety. It can be pretty effective when treating panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety is often normal in stressful situations such as speaking in front of an audience or taking a test. Anxiety can indicate an underlying disease when feelings become all-consuming, excessive, and interfere with daily living.

Research has been conducted on what causes anxiety disorders. Some experts believe it involves genes, diet, and stress. The risk factors for anxiety are depression, irritable bowel syndrome, a history of substance abuse, and other anxiety disorders. Additional factors that can increase your risk of developing an anxiety disorder are chronic stress, genetics, personality type, trauma, or sex or gender.

Anxiety can lessen with relaxation training, exercise, self-help books, and meditation. Many have found relief by exercising. Getting up and moving around for at least 30 minutes a day may help lessen some symptoms of anxiety or prevent anxiety before it starts. Coping strategies that help are taking time to listen to music, practicing mindfulness, eating fruits and vegetables, lowering alcohol and caffeine, and developing a good sleep routine. Other strategies are taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly, accept that you cannot control everything, laughing, learning what triggers your anxiety, and talking to someone when you feel overwhelmed.

Other ways to stay fit and healthy and manage anxiety are setting small daily goals when exercising, finding a form of exercise that is fun, such as a group exercise forum, and finding an exercise buddy. There are many reasons why we should control and reduce anxiety. Prolonged anxiety is toxic to our bodies and brains. Also, long fear causes chemical and physical changes inside us, which ages us and it puts us at risk for a wide variety of diseases, and leads to emotional problems.

Most importantly, when we are in survival mode, our thinking and reasoning brain is turned off. For example, when we feel overly anxious, we can make a poor decision or fumble words when being interviewed for a job. Keep in mind; it is customary to worry about things from time to time, but when worry takes up most of your day or causes physical symptoms, you may want to talk to a therapist. When choosing a therapist, know your purpose, find one you can easily talk to, check for certifications, education and licensing specialty, cost, insurance coverage, and scheduling.

To conclude, anxiety is intense, excessive, and heightened worry about everyday situations. Talk to your doctor soon and get a referral to see a therapist – we recommend The benefits of anxiety counseling are so worth the time and effort and it will give you peace of mind.