Since getting the little ones to eat healthy foods can be tough, searching for nutritious-yet-appealing drinks for them can be just as challenging. A majority of kids have a sweet tooth and are likely to demand sweetened drinks. But, giving them proper guidance on balanced alternatives is vital for their overall wellness. Following are the five best nutritious drinks you can serve to your children. We have even talked about the drinks that you should avoid.

Best Healthy Drinks for Kids

  • Supplement drinks

Supplement drinks like Horlicks mainly concentrate on children’s physical and mental development. These come with calcium and many other essential nutrients for maintaining bone density and help the children in getting sturdier bones. The best health drink for child, Horlicks, claims that it has zero side effects. Also, offering it can help in optimal growth and development of the kids.

  • Coconut water

Since coconut water has many calories and sugar, it makes a more nutritious option than other drinks such as soda or sugary beverages. Coconut water offers a healthy quantity of nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium. All these are vital for the little ones.

  • Naturally flavored water

Since plain water might seem unexciting, it is expected that the kids in your house might dislike this refreshing drink. If you want to make the plain water appealing, try instilling water with fresh fruits and herbs. These are a few winning blends that you can prefer for your child:

  1. Orange and lime
  2. Cucumber and watermelon
  3. Strawberries and lemon
  4. Pineapple and mint

Drinks to Neglect

  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Soda
  • Fruit juice


That was all about healthy drinks for kids. You can offer any of these to your kids to quench their thirst or fulfill their daily nutrient requirements.