Everyone needs a little extra energy every now and again. You can increase your energy level with the best energy drinks. Energy drinks can help you get the energy you need, no matter if you are tired or working late. It is not surprising that energy drinks have become more popular each year. Many energy drinks are high in sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavor. It can raise blood pressure and increase your risk of having heart attacks. They may not all be capable of giving you wings but they will give you delicious tasting results. Let us now explore the top energy drink brands.

Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull is a popular energy beverage that athletes use to perform better, professional athletes to stay focused, students to work hard and tourists to have more fun. It tastes similar to bubblegum and has a candy-like flavor. Are you a sweet lover? If so, this fizzy elixir might be for you.

Rock star Energy Drink

You have probably seen this in every place you go. People who lead active lifestyles will love rock star energy drinks. Extreme athlete love this energy drinks due to its vibrant, bold and colorful designs. There are several flavors available, including super sours blueberry or super sour red apple. 

Monster original energy drink

Monster Energy drinks are a great choice for extreme athletes and musicians. It is easy to drink, and tastes delicious. Extreme sports enthusiasts love this drink. These cans are often consumed by professional BMX and skating riders before and during competitions. It is also advertised for athletic games. 

+RED Elixir

+RED is your strength. This energy drink is healthier than traditional energy drinks that are high in sugar and calories. Michael Ball created the drink to provide energy and not put people’s health at risk. High quality energy drinks do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives. They only contain natural ingredients. This refreshing energy drink has a pleasant citrus flavor and is low in calories.

5-Hour Orange Energy Shot

If you are a professional, who works hard, you will likely need 5-hour energy to get through your day. This energy drink is very different from other energy drinks. It has calories and zero sugar. This energy drink is a great choice for professionals and those who are constantly on the go. It has the same caffeine level as a 12-ounce average-strength espresso. It has a refreshing orange flavor and is rich in vitamins A and B-12.