What are the Different Types of Pipettes?

Based on their testing, use, measurement, and maintenance, pipettes are classified into five grades. We have serological/graduated pipettes, multichannel pipettes, repeat pipettes, single-channel pipettes, and transfer pipettes. The accuracy of the test results will be affected by the manner the equipment is handled. Multichannel Pipettes The technology and technique multichannel […]

4 Benefits Of Getting A Female Health Screening Package In Singapore

Despite our bodies’ impressive capabilities and the number of nutritional substances and wellness-improving services available, we are not immune to all ailments. Despite eating right, working out, and taking the necessary precautions to avoid health issues, we can still encounter illnesses and injuries. Fortunately, many health screening packages have become […]

Stoma Care 101: How To Avoid Ostomy Infections

Stoma care is very crucial for people with an ostomy. Without proper stoma care, their colostomy bag may leak and emit gas. But the worst of it all is infection. Having infections near the stoma is uncomfortable, irritating, and a health hazard. Here are some ways to reduce the risk […]